You see things and you say "Why?",
but I dream things and say "Why not!" George Bernard Shaw


Film productions, Networking between Austria and the USA, Renewable Energy Projects, Representation of Austrian Companies in the USA, Promotions with Hollywood- Stars, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising are our favorite endeavors.  

ABSOLUTAGENTUR LA, INC. also offers legal services, contracts, project management and professional consulting for European clients, who set up a new company or branch in the USA and who would maybe even like to work with a “Hollywood-Celebrity” for their product endorsement. 

Our agency sits in the famous Hollywood Hills. No other agency is as adept as we are in communicating with and liaising between the celebrity and the Austrian client in order to achieve the desired success for the client. 

Why are we unique?

We are fluent in numerous languages as well as being familiar with the differing legal systems and we have developed a comprehensive mastery of business protocols and methodology in the USA. At the same time we are completely familiar with the way of thinking of our Austrian clients. Over the last 10 years we have established contacts and a business network here in the USA like no other agency with 100% Austrian roots.

We are working with the Hilton Family, especially with Paris Hilton since 6 years. We manage Paris for numerous international brands and have developed and brought to a close endorsement contracts with Paris Hilton on behalf of our clients with our own legal department here in Los Angeles.

We also represent the brand CHOKOLINIS in the USA, a premium product from Styria, the home of California’s Governor. When we launched CHOKOLINIS here in the USA in January 2010, we also managed to place our product in the Gift Bags of the most important Award Ceremony of the film world, the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS. This PR Stunt led to the fact that CHOKOLINIS overnight resounded throughout the USA.

In the field of RENEWABLE ENERGY we are supporting the cooperation between the Federal Ministry of Environment and Water Management and the Secretary for Environment Protection of California with several projects, since both entities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2008.

Very often we handle the overall planning and production of our client’s projects and campaigns. Due to our unique network we are able to respond to the wide variety of demands of our sophisticated clients.

We are looking forward to fulfilling your visions and dreams!

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  1. USA

2003 Hillcrest Road
Hollywood, CA 90068

Claudia Farrokhnia
cell: +1 323 397 5500
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Wolfgang Santner
Director, Producer
cell: +1 323 337 7500
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Theodor Körner Straße 50
8010 Graz

Helmut Santner
cell: +43 699 1825 1830
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