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ABSOLUTAGENTUR LA, INC. is a full service film- and TV- production company. From feature films and TV series to commercials and documentaries – from the idea to the development, the finished project and its worldwide commercialization. We have 20 years of work experience in the fields of Film and Television and we have received dozens of internationally acclaimed awards for our productions.

We constantly work with international Broadcasting Corporations, their editors, line producers, correspondents, but also with agencies and their photographers. Our clients ask us to check the best available rates for crews, to get shooting permits, get the best deals for studio rental, light-, sound-, camera- equipment, rental cars or catering. The list is endless!

ABSOLUTAGENTUR LA, INC. delivers the finished “story”, or our clients ask us for certain parts of a production. In our location a team, an editor, producer or photographer has a temporary headquarter and office! We offer wireless high speed internet, telephone, fax, scanner, printers, office desks and meeting facilities. Our agency is located in the heart of Hollywood.

Here an overview of what we offer:

Full production services in California, Nevada and Florida for International film, TV and photo   productions. Special focus: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami

Production range:

  • creation, development, preproduction, production, postproduction, sales,   distribution-  Location Scouting, permits, studio rentals
  • Air travel (international and within the USA), routing, special air fares through our close   business relationships with airlines and alliances
  • Insurance, payroll, immigration / visa / work permit and legal issues. We have our own legal   department, which saves expensive lawyer- fees in many cases
  • Shuttle service, airport pick-up, limousine service, SUV- service. Our production SUV for TV   crews is an Audi Q7. We book rental cars, special production cars, catering and craft   service for our clients
  • Accommodation: we book hotels, houses and apartments for our partners, tailored to each   individual demand
  • Equipment rental for camera- and sound equipment (PAL or NTSC), Steadicam (with   Operator), grip & lighting equipment (with crew). Big discounts with the major industry   vendors (HD, Digital Betacam, 16 mm or 35 mm)
  • Script breakdown, scheduling, budgeting
  • Casting, best relationships with agents, managers, actresses and actors
  • Rentals for postproduction: editing facilities (PAL and NTSC), film labs, graphics, dubbing,   sound- studios, music, special effects
  • pool of renowned composers, musicians, bands and DJs
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  1. USA

2003 Hillcrest Road
Hollywood, CA 90068

Claudia Farrokhnia
cell: +1 323 397 5500
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Wolfgang Santner
Director, Producer
cell: +1 323 337 7500
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Theodor Körner Straße 50
8010 Graz

Helmut Santner
cell: +43 699 1825 1830
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